coming home.

to all of our our supporters, friends and family,

first of all, we just want to say thank you. thank you to all of you who pray for us. thank you to those of you who have commented here, emailed us, etc to encourage us, tell us what you’re praying over us and just to let us know that we are missed and not forgotten about. thank you for the many ways you’ve supported us over the last 14 months.

i realize we’ve been pretty absent from the blog for awhile and i apologize for that. we’ve both been wrestling through some big things and it was hard to write about. i actually wrote a post in September about how I was finally feeling like we had settled in here and then the next day i had several total meltdowns and decided maybe I wasn’t really that settled in. I really did feel like i was for about 3 weeks though.

Pretty early on in our relationship, we have always talked about living life with open hands; our minds and hearts free of expectations of what life will look like, willing to go anywhere and do anything that we were called to. Our first big “YES, Lord” was to living life in Kolkata, India and serving with Hope Of Life. This past year has been harder than we could have ever anticipated or imagined, however through it all, we know that we were absolutely called here for a purpose and there hasn’t been a single time that we’ve doubted our calling. We’ve learned a lot of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness through suffering and trials and what it means to rely fully on Him while living and working in hard places.

For the past couple of months, we have both been praying a lot of prayers of “What’s next?” and “When is it it time to come home?” Like I said before, we’ve both been wrestling through these questions. A couple of weeks ago, part of our leadership team at our home (and sending) church was here to visit. It was not only awesome to have friendly faces here, but we were also able to come to a conclusion on all the questions we’d been asking the Lord. And the answer was, “It’s time to go home soon.” So, we will be returning back to the US the week before Thanksgiving.

We want you all to know that we are okay. This is definitely bittersweet and there are a lot of really difficult parts of it with leaving the kids at the top of the list. But if we really believe our God is who He says He is… then we know that all we’re doing is being obedient. We are trusting him to care for those kids. After all, they aren’t ours, they are His and He knows way better than we do. We also have such a peace about this decision. It’s just another step to our living life with open hands.

We would love if you all would pray with us as we go about this last weeks. Specifically, you can be praying that we would be fully present in the time we have left here. That we would leave well and continue to love and serve well as we prepare to go. You can be praying for our adjustment back to life in the US and that we will not give in to anxiety or worry about the future (i.e where we will live, jobs, money, etc.)

Financial Supporters, there are still a lot of logistics to work out, but once we know those we will communicate them to you via email.

thank you again for all the ways you have supported us and loved us. we are excited to see you all soon.


Preston & Alex