happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving from kolkata! while yours is just starting, ours is wrapping up. we started the day by sleeping in and having a skype date with Preston’s parents and sister. We even got to see our puppy nephew and new puppy niece. I made my favorite fall treat, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night to bring to our thanksgiving gathering. My very best friend, Lauren and I started making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies our sophomore year of college and we’ve been making them every fall since. Making them without her felt weird, but I know that we’ll have many years to make them together and that we’ll eventually get to make them with our children and talk about all the adventures we had making those cookies. One of the hardest parts of living overseas is missing out on all of those traditions. Among making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with lauren every fall, my favorite fall traditions include: calling my dad after every LSU home game to talk and ask about things that we couldn’t see in the stadium, cooking with my whole family on thanksgiving morning, going to pick out our Christmas tree at the Christmas tree farm, drinking Starbucks holiday coffee with my mom and of course black friday, which i normally spend working, but totally enjoy it because I loved my work family so much. 

Fortunately, we did get to spend thanksgiving with our community here. It was a great afternoon filled with awesome food. No turkey though! We were able to sit around and talk about all the things we’re thankful for and read scripture that talked about thanksgiving. It was a great time filled with good conversations about daily life here and the everyday struggles we’re facing and how we’re dealing and how good the Lord is. 

This year, I am most thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness. It’s been a really rough year for us, but we’ve seen how faithful the Lord is over and over again. From car issues, to support raising, to issues with our apartment, to Preston graduating, to health issues, God has been so good even through the challenges. And that list is just from when we were living in the states. We’ve seen the faithfulness of the Lord on an even bigger scale just in the almost four months that we’ve been here. Life has been challenging, but I’ve taken so much comfort in the fact that we serve a God that fights for us. We serve a God that promised that he won’t leave us as orphans. A God that is mighty in power and a God that has told us that the battle is not ours. I am thankful that the same God that has proven himself to be faithful this year, will continue to do that next year and that none of our seemingly big problems ever phase him. I’m thankful that our God specializes in rescue and that He is making all things new. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful American thanksgiving! Enjoy the parade and the football and the turkey! 


P.s our internet is currently down. So if you need us — email, facebook or twitter are the ways to go. 



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