adventures with DaLee

we dropped my Mom off last night at the airport after an amazing week all together! if you know my mom, you know that she is a blessing to anyone she comes in contact with. seriously, she’s awesome. the kids all adored her and we loved getting to share with her our everyday life in kolkata. she also brought all kids of amazing goodies from the states, including a ton of resources for teaching English from my lovely mother-in-law and knitting supplies from my sister-in-law! She also managed to get over an entire container of my favorite fall treat, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and 2 cans of Dr. Pepper! Preston and I are now treating two 75 cent cans of Dr. Pepper as if they are two bottles of $300 champagne. ha! She also spoiled us while she was here and we were so blessed by her visit.

We were able to do a mix of our regular everyday life things and also a little bit of sightseeing. On Saturday, we went to the boys home where my small boys showed off their reading skills and we worked with all of the boys on Christmas cards! We then went to the girls home to work on their Christmas cards. The boys welcomed her with a flower garland — Indian tradition!

Sunday was church day and it was my week to teach sunday school. The best part about teaching sunday school was that the lesson was on Luke 2:1-20, where Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem and the Angel appears to the shepherds in the field; well, my grandma sent over a handmade felt nativity scene that arrived just in time! The kids absolutely loved the nativity scene and it made my job much easier! Mom got to sit in on my sunday school lesson which was so fun! She already had kids fighting over who got to sit by her. In the afternoon, we went to one of our local malls and shopped around a little bit. Mom bought a beautiful traditional Indian outfit!

Monday, we did a full normal day at the girls and boys home. We went to the girls home at 9 for worship and Mom got to share a little bit about Thanksgiving and what it means to her. It was so great to see her share her heart with the girls. We then went to the boys home where we normally do office work before lunch. The HOL cook (my Indian momma) made my favorite Indian dish for lunch. We then did our normal English teaching for the day. The kids were a little more wild than normal, but that was to be expected with an extra person and all the craziness. We then did our normal Hindi tutoring, well I did, Preston’s was canceled, so both he & mom got to take a nap! We ended the day with our normal Monday night, heading to our closest mall for our favorite Indian dish.

Tuesday was a super busy day! We did a walking tour of all of the British architecture. It was cool to hear about all the history of this city that we currently call home. We then ate lunch at our favorite restaurant downtown and headed to Queen Victoria’s Memorial. We ended our outing with a carriage ride, because we fancy. Seriously, so much fun.

Wednesday, Preston went into work and Mom and I hit the market! I first took her to one of the local markets for the true Indian experience. Then we went to my favorite little mall for an Italian lunch, shopping at India’s version of Anthropologie (only wayyyy cheaper) and the best coffee Kolkata has to offer. After we got home, we headed to the boys home with all of the girls for a feast. Mom was able to share a little more with the kids about thankfulness, we sang worship songs, played some games and the girls performed a few dances (I even joined them for one). It was an amazing time with the HOL family and was such a blessing.

Thursday was a rest and recovery day. I was a little sick and we were all pretty wiped out from the week. I slept the majority of the day and we had a little movie night.

Friday, Mom and I went to the girls home for morning worship. Mom got to share with the girls again and we did our Friday longer prayer where we pray for several different things. All of the girls have their end of year exams coming up so we have been praying for those. After worship, we headed to another market to find us a printer! We then went to yet another mall (we have lots of malls, i know it’s weird) and had a wonderful lunch and shopped around some more. The evening was spent getting all of the HOL Christmas cards together, tracking down addresses for our Christmas cards and wrapping a few Christmas gifts. We took her to the airport around midnight and said our goodbyes. 😦

We had a wonderful visit and loved getting to play hosts in our new city! And we were so blessed and refreshed by having her here encouraging us. It’s so great to be able to share our new lives with family.

Please pray for Preston, he’s finally caught the awful cold that’s been going around HOL. And you can keep praying for my health, it’s kind of a ticking time bomb. Ha.


Victoria Memorial Hall


Streets of Kolkata


St. John’s Church


Playing Lean on Me in St. John’s
(its the only song he knows)


Coconut Water!


in front of Victoria Memorial


awkward picture with the sasuma (mom in-law)


2 thoughts on “adventures with DaLee

  1. We are enjoying all of your postings. You are in our prayers and are so thankful for all your work in God’s kingdom.——–but not so proud of your LSU tigers and the way they treated Texas A&M last week. Baylor also did not do well–in fact we got creamed.

    I want to send you by snail mail, a small package of beef jerky. I need your mailing address. We will be sending thru our church to your church $300.00. We have your church’s address. and i think we put your name on the check. Hope it gets there by Christmas. Our Sunday School class has a mission project and that is why we are going that route.

    It was fun reading about your mom’s visit. What is your favorite Indian dish? I took a few classes on Indian cooking—it is very spicy but good.

    Take care, Our love and best wishes, Mimi,Papa Cliff

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