finding fall in Kolkata {and other random life happenings}

we are the worst bloggers. terribly sorry we abandoned the blog for almost a month! it’s been a crazy one as usual…

lately, we’ve been trying our best to find fall in Kolkata. the weather is finally starting to semi-cooperate with our quest. I.e. it’s 75 at night but still almost 90 during the day. here are ways we’ve been finding fall:

1. Watching 90’s romantic comedies that are set in the fall.

2. Drinking the amazing Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Via packets that my mom sent over. Almost as good as a pumpkin spice latte. Seriously.

3. Enjoying the awesome “Be Thankful” window cling that Tara sent us.

4. One night, we turned the AC wayyyy down in our bedroom, put on our fleeces and drank coffee in bed.

5. We celebrated Halloween with our good friends by watching Hocus Pocus and gorging ourselves on candy.

6. I have been baking. (I know, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now.) I’ve gotten really good at making muffins from scratch. The latest? Apple Cinnamon.

7. I attempted Apple Cider last night, but left it on the stove too long, proving that I haven’t completely transformed into some kind of domestic goddess. However, I did obtain cinnamon sticks by using only Hindi, so that has to count for something.

8. Soaking in the couple of hours of the day that it’s a super enjoyable temperature.

9. We also just got a hot water heater, so we’re really enjoying warm showers!

Other random, yet awesome things going on:

1. We switched our methods of learning Hindi about a month ago and added an extra hour of tutoring. So we have 2 hours of instruction, 4 days a week. It has been both awesome, yet exhausting. But we’re really starting to be able to communicate in Hindi. But seriously, the extra hour + having to study at night has been wearing us out. Language learning is tiring!

2. I had an epic bike accident the other day. I had a nasty head cold (yep, i’ve been sick again!) and was trying to keep up with Preston on my cycle. PK was trying to get to the boys home really quickly, so he was going fast. He had to stop semi-suddenly because there was a car and a cow and who knows what else and I ran into the back of him. Fell off my bike, hit the ground hard, blacked out for a second and when I came to, there were rickshaw wheels right by my head and a bunch of people helping me up. And PK giving me that look he gives me when he “can’t believe it” but really, he knows me well enough to not be THAT surprised. I’m totally fine so it ended up just being a really funny story. I’m sure the people that were around that day went home and told everyone about “the crazy white girl that crashed into her husband.”

3. My mom is coming to visit!! She arrives Saturday morning and we cannot wait! We are so so excited. We’re going to do a mix of exploring the city and spending time with both the boys and girls and it is going to be awesome.

4. We had our first birthday party for one of the boys! We’ve had several staff birthdays, but Tuesday was the first birthday for one of the kids. It was an incredible time of worship and celebration. Most of these kids had never celebrated their birthday before coming to Hope of Life and it’s such a blessing to see how appreciative and thankful they are! We also introduced them to “Pin the tail on the donkey” which is now considered the BEST GAME EVER. It was just as awesome as it sounds. But, the best part of the night was listening to the boys give encouragement to the birthday boy. So incredible to see how much transformation and restoration is being done through the Lord and how he is using the other boys to encourage each other.

5. Our church has had several clinics on leading worship lately and Preston has been a big part of that. He also helped lead worship at church a couple of weeks ago.

6. We taught a First Aid clinic on Friday all about basic first aid and types of OTC medicines…without a translator! We’re getting really great at Hinglish and miming. Ha!

7. My current projects include: finding/creating a Christmas program for the kids to put on, helping get together Christmas cards for HOL, getting our personal Christmas cards ready, creating a fun schedule of activities for the kids that will stay at home during Christmas break, continuing to work on the office projects and teaching English every day! We are as busy as ever!

I think that covers most of what has been going on here lately! As always, thank you for supporting us and praying for us. We love hearing from you and are so encouraged to know that we are not walking alone. Thank you!


Pardon the bars on our window, but here is our awesome window cling.


Pumpkin Spice VIA!


apple cinnamon muffins made in a convection microwave


we love care packages!


and i love skype dates with my dog and my youngest brother.


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