Happy 25th Birthday, PK!

Yesterday, September 24th, was Preston’s 25th birthday. And his first birthday in India. The staff and kids at Hope of Life wanted to make it extra special and make him feel like he was truly at home, so we threw him a surprise birthday party! It was incredible to see the impact that he has already had on these boys and the staff. They loved on him extremely well, prayed over him and celebrated him. It’s always encouraging to see that my husband has such an impact on others lives. I’m not the only one that he shows Jesus to on a regular basis. He is dearly and deeply loved.


Here are some photos from the party… it was a traditional Indian birthday party. Complete with a game similar to Hot Potato, where when you are caught with the “Potato” you have to sing a song. Although, they made us dance when we got caught!


Us in our traditional Indian dress after the party.


This lovely balloon popped over us later in the party.


We also had the privilege of feeding each other cake, which if you were at our wedding, you remember it being the most awkward part.


The chaos when the balloon was popped and the confetti flew!


Happy birthday Preston King! You are loved more than you know!

P.s if you didn’t wish Preston a happy birthday, you can email him at preston.king42@gmail.com. Or you can always just email him to encourage him. 🙂


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