sunday gratitudes.

on this beautiful day that the Lord has made, we have a ton to rejoice and be glad in! First and foremost, we are pretty sure that we have a flat and that we will move in on Friday and Saturday. Only pretty sure because this is India and anything could change at any second. But we are so excited to have an address and soon to have our very own place to settle into.

Other things we are thankful for today:

2. Getting to FaceTime with the Kickers this morning and getting to watch most of the LSU game.

3. A LSU victory! With an offense! Can I get an amen?! 

4. Washi tape. Preston and I have so many things that are the exact same here. Flashlights, keys, cell phones, etc. I love having washi tape to distinguish. It’s the small things, right?

5. We’re starting Hindi tutoring tomorrow. Pray for us! Ha.

6. Chocolate Ice Cream. 

7. Our bicycles! We just took a night ride to Subway and to get ice cream. So fun. 

8. Having other Missionaries that live in the same building as us. 

9. Getting to serve the people we work with when they come to our house, just like they serve us when we are at the home. 

10. a wonderful ladies fellowship yesterday with all of the women from the church we attend here. Such a sweet time.

11. Sunday naps. 

12. a church filled with people who are so passionate about Jesus. 

13. the internet. it’s so nice to be able to communicate more regularly. 

14. today was the first day since i got out of the hospital that i really felt 100%. So thankful. 

15. the overwhelming peace we both feel about living here and being here. we are both very comfortable and know that this is exactly where we are supposed to be in spite of all the chaos of the first few weeks. 

that’s all for now. as always, thank you for praying with us. we are so thankful to have such a supportive group of people backing us and supporting us! 

jai masih ki! 


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