since our last meeting

we’re getting more and more settled in. it’s been a long and slow process but it is happening. we have a meeting with the landlord about the flat that we want and we are hopeful that we can move in one the 1st or 2nd of september.

we also have internet. its wonderful. a little slow but we can now access the rest of the world with ease. we will also have our new phones soon and can communicate with those we need to in the area.

our bodies are still making some adjustments to our new home. as we get more of schedule nailed down it’s becoming easier to live in kolkata.

and now we have bikes! sweet little road cruisers to get us to the market or to the boys and girls homes. its quite freeing and we are getting to feel more and more at home!


new bikes!

(it seems that more than one photo is to much for our feeble internet stick…some photos are on Facebook and tumblr. check ’em out!)


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