a down and dirty baptist work day

we still don’t have our own flat yet, but there is a new girls flat that we can call home in the mean time. it needed a little TLC but nothing a good ol’ work {day} couldn’t fix. we scrubbed down all the floors and kitchen cabinets, installed some curtains, got a couple of fans put in, washed the windows, and at some point i think some kind of acid was used. but today we move out of this tiny hotel room and into an actual flat that has furniture being shipped and a sweet new heavenly mattress for us to sleep on! we’re excited to be closer to the boys and girls home and get a little ore settled in this city we are calling home.

keep praying for our new flat. that the landlord won’t charge us to much for rent. that our indian contact doesn’t get too fixated on a certain price. and that we can just have a place we’re we can fully unpack and make our own.

we’re learning lots about patience and this culture just through this negotiation process. we know that the Lord still has us in His hands and that all this will work out in the right time. but for now, we are just glad to get out of the hotel!








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