Yes, Lord!

well, even though we’re still living in the hotel, we are starting to settle into life in kolkata. we’re learning all of the quirks of the culture and we’re both starting to understand some Hindi! we’re learning that we may get into a taxi and they may not know where they’re going (even if they say they do.) we’re learning that 10:30 may mean 10:30 or it may mean 10:45, 11, 11:15, 11:30, etc. we’re learning that sometimes we’re going to have no idea what is going on or why we are stopped in the middle of the road. we’re learning that traffic lanes are optional. that Preston has the absolute best Hinglish accent on this planet. we’re learning that McDonald’s delivers and where in the city we can find red meat. we are learning so much even without being settled in.

but as was said over and over again while the staff was here with us; there’s a resounding “YES!” to us being here. we know that we are exactly where the Lord has called us. yes we are learning how exactly we fit in, but the Lord is directing every single step. he is showing us that he made us for such a time as this. He is reminding us that He doesn’t need us in Kolkata, but He is choosing to use us. and for that we are very thankful.

Update: We found another flat that is absolutely breathtaking. We’re still waiting to hear back from the landlady if she will rent it to us. We are praying fervently for this location because there are many advantages to it (walking distance to the girls home, biking distance to boys, only one flat per floor, etc.) Today, all of our furniture is being delivered to our temporary home and we should be able to move there on Wednesday. So we are one step closer to being a little bit more settled. As always, thank you for praying with us!



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