we made it!

After two very long flights, we have made it to india! We’ve also already gone through our first day here! It’s 5:30am here right now, but we’re wide awake because we went to sleep at 6pm last night. Jet lag ain’t no joke.

Yesterday, we arrived in Kolkata around 3:30 am. By the time we went through customs and collected all of our bags, (PTL all of them made it!!!) it was 5am and we met our contact here & headed to the hotel. We were able to clean up a little and I took a little nap and then we were able to meet one of the older boys who is about to leave for seminary! We were able to hear his beautiful story and pray over him before he leaves today.

We had our first real Indian meal for lunch and then headed to the boys home. We were able to meet all of the boys in the most surreal of moments. It is the strangest feeling to have been looking at pictures of these people for the past couple of years and having dreamed of this moment for 17 months. It was incredible.

And then I fell asleep in a cab on the way home and we went to bed at 6pm. Today, we’re going to start looking at apartments!

Thanks for keeping up with us and for praying with us!


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