since our last meeting

we’re getting more and more settled in. it’s been a long and slow process but it is happening. we have a meeting with the landlord about the flat that we want and we are hopeful that we can move in one the 1st or 2nd of september.

we also have internet. its wonderful. a little slow but we can now access the rest of the world with ease. we will also have our new phones soon and can communicate with those we need to in the area.

our bodies are still making some adjustments to our new home. as we get more of schedule nailed down it’s becoming easier to live in kolkata.

and now we have bikes! sweet little road cruisers to get us to the market or to the boys and girls homes. its quite freeing and we are getting to feel more and more at home!


new bikes!

(it seems that more than one photo is to much for our feeble internet stick…some photos are on Facebook and tumblr. check ’em out!)


a down and dirty baptist work day

we still don’t have our own flat yet, but there is a new girls flat that we can call home in the mean time. it needed a little TLC but nothing a good ol’ work {day} couldn’t fix. we scrubbed down all the floors and kitchen cabinets, installed some curtains, got a couple of fans put in, washed the windows, and at some point i think some kind of acid was used. but today we move out of this tiny hotel room and into an actual flat that has furniture being shipped and a sweet new heavenly mattress for us to sleep on! we’re excited to be closer to the boys and girls home and get a little ore settled in this city we are calling home.

keep praying for our new flat. that the landlord won’t charge us to much for rent. that our indian contact doesn’t get too fixated on a certain price. and that we can just have a place we’re we can fully unpack and make our own.

we’re learning lots about patience and this culture just through this negotiation process. we know that the Lord still has us in His hands and that all this will work out in the right time. but for now, we are just glad to get out of the hotel!







Yes, Lord!

well, even though we’re still living in the hotel, we are starting to settle into life in kolkata. we’re learning all of the quirks of the culture and we’re both starting to understand some Hindi! we’re learning that we may get into a taxi and they may not know where they’re going (even if they say they do.) we’re learning that 10:30 may mean 10:30 or it may mean 10:45, 11, 11:15, 11:30, etc. we’re learning that sometimes we’re going to have no idea what is going on or why we are stopped in the middle of the road. we’re learning that traffic lanes are optional. that Preston has the absolute best Hinglish accent on this planet. we’re learning that McDonald’s delivers and where in the city we can find red meat. we are learning so much even without being settled in.

but as was said over and over again while the staff was here with us; there’s a resounding “YES!” to us being here. we know that we are exactly where the Lord has called us. yes we are learning how exactly we fit in, but the Lord is directing every single step. he is showing us that he made us for such a time as this. He is reminding us that He doesn’t need us in Kolkata, but He is choosing to use us. and for that we are very thankful.

Update: We found another flat that is absolutely breathtaking. We’re still waiting to hear back from the landlady if she will rent it to us. We are praying fervently for this location because there are many advantages to it (walking distance to the girls home, biking distance to boys, only one flat per floor, etc.) Today, all of our furniture is being delivered to our temporary home and we should be able to move there on Wednesday. So we are one step closer to being a little bit more settled. As always, thank you for praying with us!


an update of sorts.

Well, I know we’ve been slacking at updates…. But part of that is because I was in the hospital for a little bit over 2 days. I know, I know. We’ve only been here a week and a half and already one of us has been hospitalized.


It all started Sunday afternoon. I started to feel bad, but I really thought I was just overly tired and possibly a little bit dehydrated. I decided to rest Monday morning while Preston went and met with the flat owner of the flat we hoped to rent. I ended up having to call Preston around 3 because I was not doing well at all. He came back and I had a 102.5 fever. Yep, not good at all. He took me to the Emergency Room and I was there for about 6 hours. They gave me fluids and everything and said that I had a UTI. However, once we left there, I didn’t really feel any better. I was still having severe stomach issues and was in a lot of pain. I tried to wait it out and took Tuesday off as well to rest and actually started feeling better, but was still having severe stomach issues. So, Preston took me back to the hospital Wednesday morning and they decided to admit me. It turns out I had a severe gastrointestinal infection. There’s a  scale that they use to test it, normal is below 10 — my level was 82 when they admitted me. Pretty bad. They kept me overnight two nights to administer all of the antibiotics and all the fluids that I needed and they FINALLY released me today! I’m doing fine now, except being in the hospital has triggered my migraines. So I would greatly appreciate your prayers that the Lord would stop my migraines.


Another important update: We found a flat that we absolutely loved and seemed like the perfect home for us. However, we found out while I was in the hospital that the owners had decided to not rent to us because we are foreigners. We were greatly disappointed and are so ready to truly be settled. Living out of 9 suitcases and sleeping in twin beds is hard! Please join us in praying that we find another flat soon and are able to move in ASAP.



We appreciate your faithfulness in praying for us more than you know! We’ll try to keep you updated more regularly now that I am out of the hospital. 

we made it!

After two very long flights, we have made it to india! We’ve also already gone through our first day here! It’s 5:30am here right now, but we’re wide awake because we went to sleep at 6pm last night. Jet lag ain’t no joke.

Yesterday, we arrived in Kolkata around 3:30 am. By the time we went through customs and collected all of our bags, (PTL all of them made it!!!) it was 5am and we met our contact here & headed to the hotel. We were able to clean up a little and I took a little nap and then we were able to meet one of the older boys who is about to leave for seminary! We were able to hear his beautiful story and pray over him before he leaves today.

We had our first real Indian meal for lunch and then headed to the boys home. We were able to meet all of the boys in the most surreal of moments. It is the strangest feeling to have been looking at pictures of these people for the past couple of years and having dreamed of this moment for 17 months. It was incredible.

And then I fell asleep in a cab on the way home and we went to bed at 6pm. Today, we’re going to start looking at apartments!

Thanks for keeping up with us and for praying with us!