all we did was say yes

i think many people get caught up in having to be extraordinary. having to have a lot of talent, a lot of drive, a lot of genius, a lot of vision but I don’t see much of that in our lives. certainly we are very capable and are talented, but to be the ones to move their entire lives across the world is unimaginable. never did I think this would be my future, never when asked “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” was my answer living in India working in an orphanage. it’s just too crazy.

but crazy we are. our time working a regular 9-5 job is almost up (although I don’t know how much retail hours are regular to begin with are). we’ll be breaking our reaming month spending time with friends in baton rouge and family in houston and then, we’re off. off to india with our lives packed away in a couple of trunks and backpacks for the next 2 years. can I just say that is very difficult to do? trying to figure out what to bring, what to leave, and what to sell is very time consuming and a headache, but we’ve just about got it all.

getting to this point has been a long journey, both separate and together. and individually our callings can look a little different but what is so cool is that together they are so similar. and we can say yes together.

alex’s journey to her calling started around 11 or 12; she denied it for a while but really wanted to be a martyr after reading a Jesus Freak book (one of those 90’s fads I never knew of until now, although I don’t know how fad it is for an 11 year old to read a book like that). God had prepared her though, He placed this calling in her to serve, to love, to go. alex’s later years in college brought her closer to kolkata when she was praying through going to nepal and working with trafficked women there, that didn’t pan out but she was open, waiting, and listening to what God had for her next and that’s when He opened a door for her to go to goa, india. she fell in love.

i was more of a late bloomer. i didn’t have much of a relationship with God until I was in college. and even then didn’t want much of it but just couldn’t leave it. He pulled me in and pulled me hard. He used a lot of friendships to show me his love and faithfulness. i was a youth intern for a local church and went on a few mission trips in america and in mexico and south africa. i knew that youth and missions was something I was called to but couldn’t see what that looked like. now i know.

so here we are, two young 20 something’s, newly married, still figuring life out, working retail, and amazed that this is what we are doing. all we did was say yes. a yes to god, to his faithfulness, to his goodness, to his grace, to his justice. and that really is all it takes. nothing special. we aren’t heroes or super Christians, just ordinary people who follow an extraordinary God who enjoys bringing in His daughters and sons into His amazing story. it can be scary and daunting at times, we are after all moving across the world, but we are covered and protected so all we can do is go in faithfulness and know that we are in His hands.



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