happy father’s day!

in honor of father’s day and the fact that i blogged about my mom for mother’s day, i give you things that i learned from my dad, Lee. (yes my parents are named Lee & DaLee). 

my daddy is awesome. so awesome that I feel like he doesn’t even need an introduction. so here’s a list of reasons that my dad is awesome. 

1. he has integrity. when i was in the third grade, my dad left his sunglasses in a coworkers car. they had a scratch on them so the guy offered to replace them. my dad told him that they were already scratched instead of letting the guy buy him a new pair. he has always taught us not only to be honest, but to be moral and ethical. and he hasn’t just taught us with his words, he’s taught us with his actions.

2. he’s taught me how to “win friends and influence people”. maybe it’s because he and DaLee made me read the book by Dale Carnegie when i was 12. but it’s probably because he taught me how to do that by watching him. he engages people, treats people with respect and dignity; no matter what the situation.

3. he taught me to never stay in a job that you didn’t enjoy. my dad has pursued so many different dreams. he’s accomplished so much in several different careers. he’s understood the importance of doing what you love, not just getting a paycheck. and that has been a great example for us. 

4. he’s taught me the importance of staying informed and knowing our country’s history. 

5. he’s taught me the importance of good grammar and spelling. He used to take a red pen to my papers (you know, the third grade kind). And while then it was damaging to my self-esteem, I was probably one of the few elementary school kids who never misused “your and you’re”. 

6. an insane memory of numbers, fast reading, love of music — these are all things i naturally came by from my daddy. i’m equally thankful for all three. 

7. he taught me about football, soccer, softball, cross country, etc. Pretty much any sport i’ve ever played, he was there to teach me how to be the best at it. Whether it was running with me in the off season, pacing by the sidelines during my soccer games, he wanted me to do my best. and instilled in me a super competitive nature. and taught me how to hold my own during football talks. calling my dad after LSU football games during my years at LSU was one of my absolute favorite traditions. 

8. he’s always loved my mom well. and put her first and us second. he’s been one of the greatest human depictions of what it means to be a husband and a dad. because of the way that i watched him live out being married to my mom and instilling a self-worth in me that was so crucial to growing up in today’s society; I didn’t settle for a man that was anything less than what my dad was to me. not many girls get to say that. 

9. this is the most important part. my dad is the most hardworking person i will ever know. he was the first college graduate in his family. he worked his own way through college. he did whatever it took to support our family. and because of how hard he worked, my siblings and i didn’t have to work as hard. he worked his way up to give us a better life. and he is still the hardest worker that i know. everything that he does he puts 150% into it. he’s dedicated and this trait has taught me so much. 

thank you daddy! i’m so proud to call you my dad. 



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