thank you, CPBC!

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to Monroe, LA to visit with our dear friends, Sam & Emily! I also had the wonderful privilege of speaking at their church, College Place Baptist Church. Every year, CPBC chooses missionaries to give their Vacation Bible School offering to. They have a contest between the boys and girls to teach them about giving and make it fun. This year, we were the missionaries they chose!

I was able to speak during both services about who we were and what we would be doing in India for the next couple of years and was able to speak to all of the Sunday School classes as well. I was completely blown away by the body of Christ this weekend. As soon as church ended, people just started handing me money. It was insane. I also had bracelets with me to sell and between people buying bracelets and just handing me money, I raised over $700 in one day! And that doesn’t even include the VBS offering! I was so blessed by the hearts of the people at CPBC and by the focus on missions. It was incredible to see how giving people were and more importantly, how much they wanted to pray for us.

Not only was I completely blown away by the body of Christ, I was humbled that the Lord is using us to tell a bigger story. Us moving to India isn’t about us. It’s about what the Lord is doing in us. We’re just walking in obedience to what He has called us to. He is telling a bigger story about how He is making all things new. About how He cares about the widow and the orphan and the poor. And my favorite part is that He could accomplish all of this on His own. He doesn’t need Preston and Alex. But He is choosing to use us. It’s humbling and overwhelming and beautiful. And we are thankful to be able to continually speak of how the Lord is using HIS PEOPLE to accomplish HIS PLANS. We are learning so much about the Lord’s faithfulness and His provision. And we are thankful that 52 days away from leaving, He has given us every single reason to trust Him. He is good.

“I will sing sing sing
To my God my King
For all else fades away

And I will love love love
With this heart You’ve made
For You’ve been good always
For You’ve been good always”

– “Oh Our Lord” by All Sons and Daughters

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P.s Preston and Josh are safely back from India and Preston will be sharing some time next week about his time in Kolkata!


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