reflections on a year of marriage.

last weekend, preston and i traveled to Dallas to be a part of his sister’s wedding. congrats ryan & ainsley! through being a part of their wedding, i couldn’t help but reflect on the last year of marriage and all that i’ve learned. marriage has been the best adventure, but it also can be difficult and refining and show you all the things about yourself that aren’t quite as holy as you think they are.

marriage has shown me just how selfish i can be. from really stupid things like not wanting to share my french fries or watch something on tv, to bigger things, like having to sacrifice going somewhere so that Preston can get to work, etc. it’s challenging and refining; having to wake up every morning and choosing to put myself second. i’d be lying if i said i did this every day. i think Preston is way better at this than i am.

we’ve also had the added challenges of living in transition. not just the transition of getting married, but in a lot of ways, i was still adjusting from living overseas last year, we both changed jobs in the first 4 months of our marriage, and we decided we were moving to india pretty early on in our marriage. Preston has also been in school the whole time we’ve been married. so it’s been challenging in different ways, but it’s been so good. i’ve learned a lot of contentment. i’ve learned that getting married doesn’t make your life any easier, that marriage is sanctifying. that it teaches you things about yourself that you might not have learned otherwise. and that it’s a lot of fun. preston and i genuinely have so much fun together. and it’s totally worth all of the challenges.

and now we’re getting ready to enter a new chapter of our marriage. we’ll keep you posted on how living in india affects our marriage. i’m sure it’ll be beautiful.



Fight for her.

Our church has been going through Micah 6:8 (“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?”). So naturally, my heart has been more tuned towards social justice and the ways that we called as the bride of Christ to care for the vulnerable. One of the most beautiful pictures of the gospel to me is adoption. In the same way that Jesus pulls us out of our own wreckage and loves us with a fierce, unconditional love, orphans are pulled from horrible situations and given a completely new life and a family. I love adoption stories and the fact that they are a part of a bigger story that the Lord is telling about how he loves us.

This video is an incredible adoption story that made me cry. twice. Nothing i can say about it will do it justice, so just watch.

What an incredible reminder of the way that Jesus fights for us. We are so undeserving. In spite of our own sin & brokenness, he FIGHTS for us. And he never, ever stops fighting for us. He’s always good and always faithful.

The Archibald Project’s mission statement is this “We exist to advocate for the orphan. Our stories serve to educate and inspire people towards adoption. because we exist fewer children will be called orphans.” Their blog will make you cry & laugh and turn your heart to justice for the orphan. It’s a beautiful picture of the gospel.

a really, really, exciting support update.

well, it’s official. we leave for india between august 2nd and august 5th. that’s 116 days from now. less than 4 months. holy crap.

our main prep work for the past few months has been support raising & getting Preston graduated! He graduates on May 17 (hallelujah!) and then we will really start to kick it into gear with Hindi learning and other preparation.

but here’s the really, really, exciting part. we’re at 58% to our monthly goal!!! That means we only have $780 worth of monthly support left to raise! Totally doable! 

We need YOUR help! We have already seen how faithful the Lord is and how great and gracious He is being to us during this process and we know that will only continue to be true.

If you feel led & want to know more about supporting us monthly, feel free to email me ( or check out our Invest page.   Don’t feel that you have to have a ton of extra money to support us monthly. I know people say this all the time when it comes to support raising, but seriously, every little bit counts. We could not go and do this if it were not for a strong community of people supporting us prayerfully, financially and emotionally. We are just going because we are called & learning a great deal of humility by having to ask people for money. And we know that the Lord will provide it all.

If you cannot commit to giving monthly, you can also give a one-time donation! We still need $1500 just to get us over to india! And you can donate directly here.

You can also check out the bracelets that we’re selling on our Threads of Hope page. If we sell all of the bracelets that we have right now, that money will support us at $175 a month the entire time we’re there! (and we’re already counting that in!) Feel free to email me about this too! (

thank you in advance for enabling us to go. we are so thankful.

the Lord bless you & keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you & be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you & give you peace.

My India countdown on my phone!

My India countdown on my phone!

Preston & I both got new Chacos for India

Preston & I both got new Chacos for India

Preston, Rufus & I on Easter Sunday

Preston, Rufus & I on Easter Sunday

Preston's dad got us a French Press to take with us to India. We've been testing it...

Preston’s dad got us a French Press to take with us to India. We’ve been testing it…