This is a reposting from my blog from my first time in India. And it just seems incredibly appropriate for my own feelings this week. It’s always a good reminder that His ways are higher than our ways.

Alex Kicker

My preschoolers are really bad at putting together puzzles. Ironically, so is the teacher I’m working with. They can’t seem to comprehend that you can flip the pieces around to make them fit. They’ll try to mash different pieces that don’t even come close to matching together. They’ll try one piece and then cast it away if it doesn’t work the first time. Sometimes, they’ll get so aggravated with the puzzle that they abandon it all together, or my personal favorite, they’ll throw all of the pieces up in the air, which makes a tremendous mess.

I couldn’t help but think of the way the Lord probably looks at me at times. I’ve tried over and over again to put the puzzle pieces of my life together. I’ve been fed up with guessing and trying and I’ve abandoned the puzzle and thrown my hands up and walked away. I’ve tried…

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