Some days it’s hard not to wake up longing for India so much that I think my heart might explode. There’s so much expectation with India. In some ways, I feel like i’ve been waiting forever to get back there. And then there are days here that seem so frivolous, so meaningless. Which isn’t true. But it’s a battle that I fight almost daily. You see, it’s hard to sit here in my air conditioned apartment and drink my real coffee and wrap my head around the fact that while the average American lives on more than $90 per day, approximately ONE BILLION people live on less than $1 per day and 2.6 BILLION people (40% of the world’s population) live on less than $2 a day. And i feel like i’m not doing anything about it. But then the Lord swoops in and reminds me that I am exactly where He has me. He has me here, for such a time as this, for a very specific reason. Yes, He has called us to India and we eagerly anticipate and enter into that season soon. But right now, we are called to be here. And i have to constantly remind myself that since this is where the Lord has me right now, this is where i’ll be. i’ll be content. i’ll be joyful. i’ll cherish every single second with my family & friends. and i’ll fully understand that even though i’m just playing with my dog, going to work, having dinner with a friend and being a wife today, it’s what the Lord’s will is. and He is good and He is perfect.


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This is a reposting from my blog from my first time in India. And it just seems incredibly appropriate for my own feelings this week. It’s always a good reminder that His ways are higher than our ways.

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My preschoolers are really bad at putting together puzzles. Ironically, so is the teacher I’m working with. They can’t seem to comprehend that you can flip the pieces around to make them fit. They’ll try to mash different pieces that don’t even come close to matching together. They’ll try one piece and then cast it away if it doesn’t work the first time. Sometimes, they’ll get so aggravated with the puzzle that they abandon it all together, or my personal favorite, they’ll throw all of the pieces up in the air, which makes a tremendous mess.

I couldn’t help but think of the way the Lord probably looks at me at times. I’ve tried over and over again to put the puzzle pieces of my life together. I’ve been fed up with guessing and trying and I’ve abandoned the puzzle and thrown my hands up and walked away. I’ve tried…

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Weekend Adventures {and small support update}

Yesterday was my first Saturday off since the end of December. It was glorious and a much needed break! Preston decided to take me on an adventure! He woke me up on Saturday morning with a list of what to bring/wear & my Chacos. We hit the road early & drove up near St. Francisville, LA to a place called Clark Creek. It has incredible hiking trails with a ton of different waterfalls. It was a beautiful day yesterday and a great day for a hike. After our morning hike, we explored downtown St. Francisville and had lunch at a cute cafe. There are a ton of super cute antique shops & boutiques and we had a great time walking and looking around.





Quick Support Update: We are at 8.86% to our monthly goal & 33.125% of our initial goal! We are so excited and are expectant and hopeful for how the Lord is going to provide.