a big announcement

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.44.17 PMwe are so excited and blessed to announce that we are moving to kolkata, india in june 2013! we are even more excited to share about the incredible journey that brought us to this point and even more excited than that to continue to share as we start this new chapter in our lives.

as most of you know, preston and i got married on march 10, 2012. we were engaged for 7 months and 3 days and for 4 months of that, i was in goa, india on an anti-trafficking mission trip. talk about a tough engagement! but that is the story of us. difficult would be an understatement, but the Lord did so much in both of our hearts while i was away. including putting a stirring in each of our hearts for missions. here’s a little background on both of us — i was first called to ministry when i was in 7th grade. i can still distinctly being in the room at church camp and hearing so clearly from the Lord. but i was convinced for a really long time that i was too young to hear from the Lord that clearly! and then i got so caught up in ambition and worldliness, i wanted to rule the business world, to crush the glass ceiling with my bare hands. but thankfully, the Lord’s voice and plans are so much stronger than my own and he brought me around to his plans and called me to go serve after graduation and is calling us both back to India, a country that i fell in love with while i was there. (You can read my blog from my time in India here). Preston wasn’t as stubborn as I was… and when the Lord called him to ministry when he was a sophomore in college, he knew that he felt specifically called to work with youth & missions, he just didn’t know what context that would be in.

Fast forward to spring of 2012. With seeds of moving overseas already rooted deeply in both of our hearts, we started asking the tough questions about our lives and our upcoming marriage. and we were presented with an incredible opportunity that was so perfect for each of our callings and giftings, it had to be straight from the Lord. after so much prayer and some planning later, we are moving to india in june!

We are moving to Kolkata, India to work with Hope of Life, a boys and girls home that rescues kids from Howra, a local train station. Kids that are rescued from Howra have either run away from home or been abandoned and have experienced horrific things as a result of the train station lifestyle. The mission of Hope of Life is simple; love the kids well, provide them with an education, counseling and a fresh start.

We have been connected with Hope of Life through our church, the ring community church and we are so blessed to call them our sending organization.

we are now in the very beginning stages of fundraising and would love it if you would check out our fundraising page!


preston & alex


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